One Life to Give is a poignant, beautiful, incredible piece of non-fiction that will take the reader on a memorable journey through love, hope, and God. It is a sensational book, one that I could not put down; Rick Blaisdell, the author of this exceptional novel, managed to hook me from the first page and kept my attention to the very last.

One Life to Give is a stunning book in which Blaisdell shares his love and devotion to God throughout his pages. His exceptional book is full of joy, hope, and love and chronicles the lives of people who have struggled, but soon thrived. In his book he writes the story of his life as he shares the numerous missionary trips he has been on; with these trips of his, he describes what happens in them and how just one person can make a difference. It makes for a stunning and enlightening piece of non-fiction, and so I would implore all of you lovely readers to read this poignant, exceptional book!

This incredible book touched my heart and warmed my soul. The journey the reader is taken on is indeed breath-taking, and along the way, the reader will want to become a better Christian thanks to the beautiful words on behalf of Pastor Rick Blaisdell. He shows the reader that miracles do happen and even when you have endured hardships, you can still prosper and move on with your life, and this was so beautiful to read. Blaisdell honestly has written an inspiring book, and I find myself still shocked by how brilliant it is.

To conclude my thoughts on this exceptional book, I would say if you are a reader who is looking to read an enlightening, incredible, poignant read then One Life to Give is for you! It is an exceptional, excellent piece of non-fiction and so I would implore all of you incredible readers to read it! This wonderful book gets Five Stars from me!
-- Aimee Ann

5 out of 5 stars and many other blessings
This book was well-written, filled with the miracle-working power of a loving God who's power is shown when Rick spends at least 20 times going into various places to be used by God who manifests healing in many ways to the people who might never have known healing, deliverance, and many other wonderful blessings. The book brings you into the remotest areas of India where the people are living in some very difficult areas to live in and Rick was able to spend time there due to the Love of God that he walks in daily. It's a must read for anyone. Will change your life!

One Life to Give Has Forged a Path for Other Lives to Give
So, my thoughts following are a few of the little golden nugget revelations and insights I gleaned from Pastor Rick's book...

How can any Christian testimony be given less than 5 stars? Each testimony is a gift of God. And one testimony impacts countless other people in an exponential effect over seeds of faith are planted, watered and eventually do sprout and mature to harvest! Sixteen mission trips over twenty plus years! Hallelujah! One life willingly given impacts hundreds of lives. Just as it was in the beginning years of the New Testament Church, the great co-mission continues to unfold to this very day. Pastor Rick is a torch bearer boldly going into some dark places with the light of Christ, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

We are the Body and Christ is our Head. Pastor Rick set this example for me as his testimony most assuredly equips the saints. By the word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb we are empowered to exercise Christ's authority and victory over the kingdom of darkness to help others choose salvation and to overcome strongholds of poverty, infirmity, mental torment and seemingly irreconcilable relationships. Holy Spirit impassions us to help equip the saints to maturity in grace and knowledge of the Lord, learning to walk in His truth, grace, joy and rest.

But when the Lord sends us, by the power and provision of the Holy Spirit, we must be spiritually fit and prepared. After finishing reading Rick's testimonies, I am fully persuaded that to be sent and yielded and anointed to deliver miracles of healing, deliverance, and must be humble before our sovereign Creator, with childlike faith, wonder, reverence...trusting in the Lord's great faithfulness and giving Him the preeminence. Without having crucified, at least to some appreciable degree, those strife-producing carnal tendencies, common to all people, rooted in pride and fear (complaining, criticizing, taking offense and being controlling)'s own immaturity would hinder God's Kingdom purposes in the mission field. The anointing and power from Heaven our Abba has entrusted to our brother through the years... has followed on the wings of Rick's childlike faith and unquenchable joy in his Beloved, rooted in personal two-way intimacy with his Great Shepherd...exactly because he has freely willed to exalt his relationship with Jesus above his own rights, comforts, accommodations, disappointments and hurts.

Throughout his journaling, Pastor Rick reveals how to "walk on the happy side of misery" (as my Uncle JR says in describing the correct mental attitude when thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail), giving thanks in all circumstances when he is far from home. I could write a course on how to prepare spiritually for missions trips just based on what Rick shared in this book. I was moved to intercessory prayer more than a few times on behalf of certain individuals and circumstances written about in his memoirs. His story has only made me more thirsty for the living waters with which Christ fills us to overflowing. This book has made me desire to gush like Yellowstone National Park's "Old Faithful" fountain. I read the last sentence and followed it with a prayer of supplication for myself...that I might also permit Jesus to touch the lives of countless others as I let my own little light shine! Much gratitude to the author, a scribe for Heaven who put to words the evidence of things not seen but hoped a blend of Rick's gentle humor, the wisdom of Solomon, the courage of David, the obedience of Abraham, the faith of Elisha, the repentance of John the Baptist, the love of the Apostle John and the character of Paul. And it is all because of Jesus that any of us can fulfill our destinies in Him as we develop His nature and character to glorify our heavenly Father. The author beckons us, as a recurring invitation throughout, "Walk beside me as we follow Jesus. I assure you He will supply all the grace required to do what it is His Father asks." Because Jesus gave up His one life for all...we want to lay down our lives for Him, and in doing so, we gain exceeding abundantly more than we can ask or think. This book is a wonderful springboard for me personally as one being prepared to be sent! Thank-You, Jesus!
-- Robyn Shaye Loudin

One Life To Give
Those who love The Purpose Driven Life and Reshaping It All will love this Christian spirituality book, which will stay with you and inspire you long after the last page.
-- D. Murphy

One Life To Give
This is an awesome book of the first-hand account of someone, my brother, walking in and demonstrating the power of God in the lives of so many people, all needing a touch from Jesus. Thank you for sharing this work.
-- Terry Ranney

Totally Inspiring!
Amazing true life experience of Pastor Rick and his encounters with all kinds of people in all kinds of places. Step by step the reader is taken alongside Rick as he travels and ministers to those in desperate need of finding Jesus for themselves. Totally inspiring - if you have a hear for mission, for reaching the lost then you should read this book. You will be blessed!
-- Bob

One Life To Give -- A compelling chronicle of faith in action and transformed lives
One Life To Give is a book full of joy, thanksgiving, and wonder and probably unlike any other book you have read. It chronicles the work of a fearless man of God among often isolated peoples living lives consumed by profound spiritual and material poverty, suffering, fear, hopelessness, and unimaginable abuse and yet, ultimately, it is about victory over all of these! The Gospel's message of love, hope, dignity, healing, salvation and freedom transforms their lives for the here and now and for eternity. This is not a casual armchair read. You will find yourself drawn in and deeply affected.
The author's accounts offer powerful evidence of what God can do thru a man of giant faith who releases that faith to God completely in order that He may accomplish His miraculous purposes. Throughout the book there are countless testimonials to that faith and power.
Finally, the reader will enjoy the immediacy, the sense of sharing experientially everything as if in real time that is enabled by the author's use of the journal style of writing here. His descriptions of the spectacular views during his long flights and the atmospherics of these far away lands are a feast for the senses and truly beautiful.
The work chronicled in One Life To Give has transformed many, many lives for eternity. The book itself is transformational. Prepare to be inspired. You will not be disappointed!
-- Glenn Cordner

A book with a message for both the lost and found...
After reading this book, I certainly believe it would speak to the life of anyone who reads it. Rick Blaisdell's accounts of his own journey in life, and journey to find Christ, and his journeys all across the globe, vividly paint a picture for the reader of how to live life boldly and with a purpose. From my perspective, this is book speaks to both non-believers and believers. For the non-believer, the person who is lost and seeking purpose, you are instantly comforted and find a person to relate to as the author shares a biographical account of a man who was once lost and without purpose who found Christ and a renewed strength and purpose in life. For the believer, this is a book that will empower you to get out of your comfort zone and boldly seek to share what Jesus can do for others. The journals share first-hand accounts of life in foreign countries where the everyday comforts we have here in America are only a dream. Blaisdell is able to take the reader to that very spot on the globe where the struggles are real and where, through Rick, Jesus is able to heal and restore people who are lost. As a follower of Christ, I can say that Rick Blaisdell's story is one that is meaningful, easy to relate to, and inspirational.
-- Josh Stowe

One Life to Give...Seed Sewing at its best!!
What an amazing story of a faith filled man and his friends, who answered God's calling with a resounding "Send Me"! Rick takes us through his daily journey to far and distant places where he has shared God's love to those who otherwise may have never heard the gospel and he has encouraged those who are living in a place where freedom to worship is not an option. Amazing seed planting to grow up faith communities around the globe. I highly recommend this captivating great read.
-- Marcy Robitaille

We've had many ‪#‎Christian#‎authors on ALIVE Radio Network, like Rick Blaisdell with his ‪#‎book One Life To Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls! I pray that you get this book and witness how a man was ‪#‎transformed by the ‪#‎living and ‪#‎true#‎God. The ‪#‎Lord can make anyone do ‪#‎powerful things in people's lives, if they‪ #‎trust in ‪#‎Him. So get a copy today and share the great message of living a life ‪#‎fully in‪ #‎service and surrender to the Most High God.

A highly recommended true-life testimony of the supernatural power of God to bring change!
One Life to Give: Living Water for Thirsty Souls by Pastor and author Rick Blaisdell is, “A twenty-year testimony of God’s miraculous working power in the lives of thousands of people in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, the Republic of Slovakia, Kenya Africa, the Philippines, and many remote villages in South India.” – Rick Blaisdell

This new book is a sequel to his previous edition that remarkably captures the transformed life of one former drug addict into a mighty man of God. This book will move one beyond complacency into the supernatural workings of a “supernatural” God. With true-life testimonies that came from the real moments, the author engages readers to consider that you being only one person CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. This is why he wrote the book. His testimony bears the witness of a chosen vessel moved by God beyond his own borders to share the love and compassion of Christ around the Globe. Readers will be inspired by the many supernatural and mighty works of God displayed throughout, as this book ignites a passion for the Gospel to be preached around the world.

Sharing his travels from 1991 to 2011, the author has composed his many years as an evangelist, preacher and teacher with eye-witness accounts by Blaisdell of the glorious healing and hope Jesus brings to individuals that are broken, discouraged and in need of desperate help. Find encouragement to do the “real stuff” and find inspiration as the author has given an open invitation to enter into the very heart of God. Divine destiny and purpose are forged through these real life journals of one who has gone abroad and found that his one life does make a difference. Find out that your one life can make a difference as well.
CBM Book Reviews

Mostly it made me want to be a better Christian. Pastor Rick Blaisdell has gone around the ...
July 9, 2015
I stayed up all night to read this book....just couldn't put it down. It touched my heart and renewed my spirit. Mostly it made me want to be a better Christian. Pastor Rick Blaisdell has gone around the world to spread the Word of God and to minister to their ills. Miracles did happen. God truly worked through Pastor Rick. Here in the US many of us have had to endure hardships but surely not like many in these countries. Many without running water or basic human rights. Yet these same people with their childlike innocence found God through faith. Their faith in Jesus' words is truly inspiring. If you are seeking God's love and acceptance you will find Him in the pages of this book.
Laurie Coleman

Book Review
May 25, 2015
One Life to Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls was like touring Prague and all the towns, and cities visited by Rick Blaisdell and his very special team. All moving like a river to cover the sea of people they brought to God, through the Holy Spirit. His visit to Kenya Africa brought the message of the importance of Christian fellowship, faithfulness to God and to one another. It is clear how much he loves the people he visits and ministers to. Rick’s trip to the Philippines with more special team members talked and walked among the people there. How beautiful this trip, the country, the mountains, the people filled with the Holy Spirit and all that was given in spirit to the people of this country. His ministry in India as he tells it was a special treat. From his travels to India, right from the airplane to the destination with his beloved Indian people, their culture, and their strong acceptance of God, I thought this book was an exceptional view from his eyes and heart to ours.
- M. Beers

A Review
May 20, 2015
I have read this book One Life to Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls by Rick Blaisdell. It is a book that everyone should read. I also read it more than once. I know Rick, and he has always wanted to go places that we have never heard of. It is way in the woods and they never heard of God’s Love. God told all of his people to go and tell all the people about Jesus, and I know God laid it on his heart to go and serve. He has made16 trips to many areas where there is so much oppression and fear. They now receive him with open arms, and travel many miles to hear about Jesus. They have had healings, salvations, and water baptisms, even in muddy water. Rick also eats what they eat and sleeps wherever they have a place for a mat. He prays for sick people in these dirt floor huts where he has such a touch with these people. We have no idea what a day every day has in store for them. They want to go to Heaven when they are called. We here in America have no idea what their lives are like. They have voodoo, witchcraft and fearful of the government because they have been under their control. The police are always lurking around to catch these young Christians. We need to look around and what we have, and realize if we do not stand up for our faith we could lose it. Can you see yourself sleeping in a hut and now we have people living in a box. If we keep trying to tell ourselves we’re okay, read this book; it could be you.

ALIVE Radio Network
May 18, 2015
Such an awesome video to share about the missionary work done by @Rick Blaisdell. After being at an all time low point in his life, he was used by God to do great things in many nations. You too can be used by Him, as long as you are willing and able. Take the journey in Pastor Rick's book, One Life To Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls. Be transported to India and varying nations. See how you can be changed and used for the Lord even in your own neighborhood too! Thanks Pastor Rick for working with us to share the gospel!

 Christian Book Marketing
November 18, 2013
One Life to Give by Pastor and author Rick Blaisdell is a moving memoir of his life and missionary travels to many foreign countries exhibiting the many supernatural and mighty works of God. As a former drug addict and alcoholic, there came a day when all the hurt, anger and addiction to drugs and alcohol was completely gone as Rick encountered Jesus - with a changed heart, a new life and a love for others that he never knew existed, Rick was a changed man and never looked back. Come and experience his story of "real" miracles told from his travels to foreign countries as he brought the Gospel to those that were captives, bound in darkness - witness firsthand healing and deliverance from the mission fields. This book will ignite passion for the Gospel to be preached around the world. Your one life can make a difference!

Written as an encouragement to those individuals that think their "one life" can't change lives, Rick has given his service wholeheartedly to the Lord. The reader will find encouragement, hope and inspiration through the journal entries and stories presented, shedding light on the hope of salvation, healing and the new life that the Gospel brings. Each journey Rick went on led him to new and amazing adventures that exhibit the depth of love, grace and compassion that Jesus Christ has for humanity. Each account has been typed exactly as the journal entries were first written and are eye-witness accounts by Blaisdell to the glorious healing and hope Jesus brings to individuals that are broken, discouraged and in need of desperate help. This is a highly recommended read for those that want to "do the real stuff". Find inspiration and an invitation to find new life in God in this true-to life testimony of one man's life that changed many. A highly recommended read!

Christian Book Marketing

 An Incredible Story!
November 13, 2013
The incredible story of one man's "Damascus Road" salvation experience and what God has done with his life since. Pastor/Author Rick Blaisdell has ignited the hearts of many who have a passion for "the real thing" in Christian non-fiction. Experience the supernatural and miraculous works of God as Rick invites you to "come with me" into the exhilarating world of foreign missions journaled into one amazing and inspirational book!

 You Won't Regret This Purchase!
October 10, 2013
Once I started this book I couldn't put it down until I read it all. My brother, Rickie draws you into what he's writing because he has experienced everything he has written about. Rickie does not preach to you or try to make you become someone you don't want to be. He tells how believing in God can make you see how the true miracles of faith can make such a big difference in your life if you just keep an open mind and an open heart. I ask that anyone who wants to experience an honest journey through the eyes and heart of a man who truly believes in his God, to go on Rick's website or to Barnes and Noble or on Amazon and purchase this wonderful book for under ten dollars. You won't regret this purchase!

 Looking forward to the next one!
March 19, 2013
My brother, what I would say to someone about your book is that it is a walk of faith for both the receiver and the deliverer. The faith of the deliverer is that of Jesus Himself and the miracles performed are true to what Jesus said about us doing even greater things than He. Your book is a message to people that if they would just have faith as a mustard seed, they would be healed. I found some measure of conviction as well for the reader (if they really love God) as far as doing all we can do as believers. How much do we want God in our lives? Oh the possibilities of faith, they are never ending. The love of Jesus is all over your book and I must say that I am so glad that I am a friend of Gods and that He has people like you operating in His faith on the planet. I am greatly encouraged in faith and am growing in this area everyday, but nothing has made me want more than to hear of a mentally disabled man being healed and brought to his right mind. On a lighter note, I have never read anything before that made me hungrier for good food in my life! I was all but needing a bib as I read especially about your trip to the Philippines. As I read, I felt like I knew the people you were staying with and they were family. I really was bummed when the journey was over and I am looking forward to the next one.

 Psalm 27:10 and Psalm 37:4
July 26, 2012
This book, One Life to Give, written by my pastor and dear friend has truly been an inspiration and blessing in my life. I had the great joy of typing up the journals that make up this book. As I typed each entry of One Life to Give, the Lord continued to work in my heart. All glory to God for all that He has done - this book, in all it's stages, from production to publication has allowed the Lord to move upon my heart and make me ready for my own trip to India in January 2014. The verses Psalm 27:10 and Psalm 37:4 show how powerfully and beautifully the Lord can change a life. One Life to Give is full of testimonies of the power of God to change hearts and lives forever - it also shows His "keeping" power for those who believe in Him. By this I mean, many that you read about, Pastor Rick has known for eleven years - they got saved on his first trip and they remain in the Lord kept safe in His mighty hands by the power of His everlasting love for them. There is no telling how much God could use this book, One Life to Give, to change your life too, but let me just say this - I never thought my life would include a trip to India with Jesus!!!! When you buy this book, be ready for all the amazing things that God has for you in your life because He is no respecter of persons and what He did for me, He will do for you too, if you let Him.

Way to Go
February 6, 2012
I was truly inspired by this book. Reading this book of journals, I felt like I went on each of the many trips with Rick. I was there on the way to the airport, at the airports, and arriving in the different places to bring the grace and love of God - even tasting all the different food. It was a heartwarming, revitalizing, inspiring read seeing the power of God move in the lives of so many people and the miracles of healing - so many lives changed inside and out. How wonderful and I am grateful to have been able to be a part of all of these trips - it was almost as good as being there! Thank you for sharing.

 One Life to Give
January 3, 2012
This book is an inspiration to all who feel like they are too "small" to have an influence in today's hectic topsy-turvy world. One Life to Give's author Rick Blaisdell is living proof of what a simple, but Godly man can do with little in resources, but with a great abundance of faith, and God behind you. He has truly imparted hope to the hopeless for a brighter future in many places throughout the world. His book will inspire hope to those who read it, and emulate his actions as they were put in to his heart by God.

December 31, 2011
In this humbly written book, Pastor Rick uses his journals from his many missions trips to report on God's powerful presence among the people. There are miraculous healings, deliverance from demons and stories of salvations. Truly inspirational!

Stepping out
December 22, 2011
By opening this book you are transported into the shoes of an eyewitness. An eyewitness, who over twenty years observed and participated and now writes about God's faithfulness to His word and to those who would believe in and on Him. By reading this book, may you also become an eyewitness to what God can do with One Life, yours.

 One Life to Give
December 4, 2011
Very uplifting. Details commitment to give of oneself. Has a way of describing events that bring you into the situation and life events. Very challenging after reading it to determine what my calling is. Excellent start to changing my life and getting out of the comfort zone.