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Rick was born in New Hampshire and moved to Vermont at the age of 6 months, and has been a Vermont resident for most of his life. After graduating from high school in June 1964, he enlisted in the US Air Force, serving in Texas, Georgia, and Germany. Upon completing his military obligations, a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, and playing drums in several rock bands continued for the next thirteen years, until God supernaturally intervened in Rick.s life. After hearing and receiving the gospel of Jesus Christ, he became a born-again believer on March 21, 1983 and was instantaneously delivered from those years of addictions through the power of the Gospel. In Rick's own words, "It was also the same gospel that forgave me of all my sins through the Blood of Jesus. All the bitterness, hatred, and un-forgiveness in my own heart left immediately, as I forgave every person who had ever taken advantage, hurt, or offended me. Right after my salvation experience, I had, and still do, have an unconditional love and a burning passion to see others saved and set free by the same gospel that saved me." Rick and his wife Faith are the co-founders of Renewed Life in Jesus Church, established in 1986 in Rockingham, Vermont. He was ordained into the ministry on November 18, 1990, and served as the co-pastor until April 1999, when he became the senior pastor. At the time of this writing in 2014, Rick still serves the church in that capacity. Beginning in 1991, and to the present, his unconditional love for the lost and a passion for the gospel, has taken him into the nations of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Slovakia, Kenya, Africa, the Philippines, and South India.